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Start Here

As you may have read on my “about us” tab, the premise of this blog is to share my experiences as I cook my way through my home library.  I will share with you any changes I made to the original recipes and whether or not it was truly good.  My intention is to make the recipe as close to the original as I possibly can, so we can get a true indication on whether or not it sucks.

I will be rating recipes and cookbooks on the following scales:

Ease and convenience –  1-5  Look, if the recipe requires me to scour the town for dark spray malt powder, labneh, Camargue red rice (I’m looking at you Ottolenghi) or some other ridiculousness that’s impossible to find in a small town, I’m probably scoring this section a bit low. Additionally, if the recipe says something which I construe as “dedicate half you life to making this recipe” then it also may not score high.

Taste – 1-5  Do the non-picky members of my family like it.  There is nothing technical about this.

Cookbook – 1-5  This will be a ranking of the cookbook overall and whether or not I recommend buying it.  I’ll make sure to give a reason behind my ranking!

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