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S’mores Crepes – The stuff your breakfast dreams are made of

S’mores Crepes – The stuff your breakfast dreams are made of

Full disclosure here, I’m not a sweets person.  I could completely take dessert out of my life and be cool with it.  I don’t live alone though and the fact is, the other three members of my family do love sweets.  Although dessert is rare in our house, we do commonly have sweet breakfasts on the weekends.  In this shoulder season when the weather says winter but the calendar says spring our weekends basically go as follows:

Saturday morning –

1.  2 family members wake up early, 2 family members wake up late

2.  All 4 of us take Spanish lessons via Italki.  Side note:  If you are interested in an inexpensive way to learn a language, I’d highly recommend using Italki which we’ve used for almost a year now.  If you do want to try it out, do me a solid and use my referral link.

3.  Extensive conversation into why showering is important and/or argument as to the fact that no, you didn’t take one yesterday.

4.  While the other three are leaving me alone, I leisurely make breakfast while watching a documentary in the background.  Eat, then finally…

5.  Cheer through a rainy, freezing soccer game, sometimes accompanied by sideways snow.

On this most recent (and particularly freezing) Saturday, I decided to reminisce about the beautiful, hot summer days, when many of our weekends are spent camping or at my parent’s lake cabin.  In both places, my kids know that as soon as dinner is done, it’s time for s’mores.

Although its a proven fact that the best s’mores have a rolo stuffed inside the marshmallow, I went with what I had available and made my crepes with a Theo raspberry chocolate bar.  Why crepes?  No reason really, aside from the fact that I’m just kind of sick of pancakes right now.  Plus, crepes are just as easy as pancakes but give an aura of fanciness.  They’re french, for God’s sake.  Although I’d tried many crepe batter recipes, the one I’ve made the last few times that I think is easy and tasty is this one.

The key to making crepes is getting all your shit together in advance.  The process is quick so it’s best to be ready.

S'mores Crepes - I cooked the books

I have a specific pan I like to use for crepes and I just generally free form them since I don’t really want a ginormous crepe and the pan is quite large.  Although many recipes will use butter or oil, I have found that for me, the best thing to use to make sure the crepe doesn’t stick but has a nice texture to it is cooking spray.  After spraying the pan, I just scoop a small ladle of batter into my pan, move it around so it’s roundish, then flip it once the outsides start to look a tad brown.  After it’s flipped, I load it up with whatever is going inside, fold the edges and it’s done!

S'mores crepes - Sweet and Easy Breakfast!

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