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8 things on our summer learning list… involving food.

8 things on our summer learning list… involving food.

I’m a self admitted drill sergeant when it comes to trying to combat the summer slide for my kids, who are going into 4th and 6th grade. I generally try and have a combination between what I think my kids need to keep up on and what I want them to learn.  Tonight I had a rare girl’s night with my daughter, Jovie, so naturally we went out to our favorite dinner, sushi.  I asked her what she’d like to learn this summer.  I don’t know why I was surprised when she said, “cooking.”  Jovie loves all food (except mushrooms!) and has a serious love for unique flavors and ethnic foods.

8 things on our summer learning list... involving food.
Jovie eating escargot!

I have very high expectations for my kids to not resort to sustaining themselves off of hot pockets, granola bars and cooking ramen out of a coffee pot, which I’m proud to say I’d perfected upon my college graduation.  But I’m realizing most of my efforts are me saying crap like, “preservatives are bad for you,” and “you should make food from scratch,” which is doing absolutely nothing for my kids aside from some mild brainwashing.  So I’ve come up with a list that I’m determined to have fully checked off by this fall.

8 things on our summer learning list... involving food.

  1. Learn to use chopsticks

  2. Mince like a boss

  3. Cook an egg- scrambled and fried

  4. Make pancakes (not from a box!)

  5. Know the difference between common herbs and when to use them

  6. Grilling basics- How to operate a grill and the basics of utensils and cooking

  7. Making a pizza – How to make a pizza from start to finish

  8. Pasta with 3 sauces:  Marinara, Simple olive oil, garlic and herb, and pesto

I feel like all of these things are the types of skills we just start to assume our kids will be able to reach maturity and just do.  Maybe through osmosis? But I want my kids to learn to love and respect good food through not just eating it, but creating it, and I need to start looking at it like anything else- they need to be taught.  This list will be printed and pinned to the fridge, next to their requirements for the more traditional summer learning and we’ll make the time to make it a priority.  Plus, I envision a pretty fun end of the year test.

I would love to hear if any of you out there have a similar list and if so, what’s on it?!

8 things on our summer learning list... involving food.

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