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Chrissy Teigen’s “Cravings” Cookbook Review

Chrissy Teigen’s “Cravings” Cookbook Review

Last week my 9 year old daughter was flipping through my cookbook, Cravings, and says, “What the heck is John Legend doing in this cookbook?” completely flabbergasted.  Let’s just say that we’re fans in this house.

I love Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend equally.  Both seem like they are pretty talented in one thing or another, seem to be overall good people and both are pretty easy on the eyes.  They also each have a strike against them.  First of all, John sweats like a crazy person during his concerts.  We have an old dvd of one of his concerts and after like the first 10 minutes you’re like, “come on, man, grab a towel or something.”  It’s very distracting.  I mean, not distracting enough to turn it off or not watch it again every month or so, but fairly annoying.

Chrissy’s big strike is that she eats crappy cheese.  The girl not only eats Velveeta and american cheese, she PUTS THAT STUFF IN HER COOKBOOK.  So that’s really what you need to know before making the decision to buy this cookbook.  You will get numerous recipes that include crappy cheese.  You will also get a recipe that includes using the sodium bomb ramen packet and another with hot dogs.  But here’s the thing, Chrissy doesn’t give a crap what you think about putting American cheese on a fish sandwich (for God’s sake, no), she just owns it.  And you should overlook it and maybe, just maybe you should try the recipes for yourself.

Chrissy’s cookbook, “Cravings“, is definitely one you should consider owning, preferably before the sequel comes out in mid-September and you’re tempted to be drawn to the newer, shinier version.  It’s funny, hilarious actually, and she is so relatable that you feel like the two of you could be bff’s.  Then you’re like, “Damn, she’s a supermodel married to one of the hottest Grammy/Golden Globe/Academy Award winners so she probably doesn’t want to grab a drink at Applebees after work next week and chit chat about the trials and tribulations of soccer schedules and the idiot that wrung you up wrong at Albertsons.”  For a second though she has you so damn convinced that she’s a normal person that you just keep reading the cookbook, adding your own person commentary because the two of you are so alike!

Chrissy – “I’m the busiest lazy person on the planet.”

Me – “Totally!  Like, I’m always feeling like I’ve got so much stuff going on between working and laundry and kid crap but then at the end of the day I realized wasted a lot of time sitting on the couch and binge watched the first five episodes of season one of The Office and drinking an entire bottle of wine.  Oh wait, you were referencing being busy with your sports illustrated swimsuit photo shoot and working that around your husband’s world concert tour all while Instagraming your adorable children to your 20 million followers but wanting to just relax by the pool while sipping on champagne…”

Chrissy – “Ever heard the term skinny-fat?  It means being relatively thin but pretty much having 90 percent body fat, a.k.a. me.”

Me – “…”

Cravings is full of diverse recipes, many of which are inspired by her mother’s Thai influence. I have made a few now, like this Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe, and have had varied results.  Some recipes were good and others just so-so.  I don’t think there is anything earth shattering about the actual recipes in the book, however they have beautiful photos and all are relatively easy to follow with limited ingredients.  This makes it a good weeknight cookbook as you’re bound to have all the ingredients in your house to make at least a few of the recipes.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

Throughout the cookbook Chrissy shares stories about growing up in the Pacific Northwest, hanging out with her girlfriends and many stories about her hot husband, John.  Which brings us to the real reason you should buy this cookbook… the photos.  This cookbook is full of super hot pictures of Chrissy and John.  There are numerous photos of the two of them eating breakfast in bed (full makeup and hair done, like any reasonable person) and them sitting by the pool overlooking the city eating chicken wings (as people do) and the two of them eating burgers with sauce all over John’s face.  I’m just saying, it’s an easy cookbook to flip through occasionally if you like photos of food, photos of hot people and reading witty stories about food.  So basically, I’m giving her a pass on the cheese situation because she’s good looking and married up.  Or at least equal.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen:

EASE AND CONVENIENCE – 5 – This cookbook is full of fairly simple recipes with common ingredients.

TASTE – 3 – I’ve had mixed reviews with this cookbook.  Some are good and other’s just so-so.  Nothing has really blown be away yet.

COOKBOOK – 4 –  This cookbook is a fun read with great photos and great stories.  Recipes are easy to follow and ingredients are easy to find.

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