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Onion Ring Burger Bombs

Onion Ring Burger Bombs

We like to bet in our house.  We bet on sports, reality tv shows, board games, video games, who can clean their room the fastest, whose fingernails grow faster…  ok, maybe not that but it’s not a bad idea.  Ever single bet includes a food reward for the winner.  Cheeseburgers from a local 100-year old restaurant are traded like currency in our home but for the big bets the stakes are pretty high.  Most recently I had to pay up when my damn kid chose France to win the world cup.  The rules state that the winner gets to choose whatever they want for dinner and everyone else (aka, us losers) must make it for him or her.

Everyone knows that Jovie would have picked steamed clams if she won, which are cheap, easy and delicious, however she picked Egypt so that dream died quickly.  I was sushi all the way, and would have been extremely demanding on the variation and creativity while I sipped away on several bottles of sake and listened to the pandora reggae station… thanks for nothing Belgium.  Buddy would have likely chosen something simple, like steak, tacos or meatloaf, but Brazil screwed him over.  So, we got left with our French winner, Maddox, and his onion ring burger bombs.

Onion Ring burger bombs

Onion Ring burger bombs

I’ve made these bad boys before and full disclosure, they’re kind of easy to screw up.   Don’t get me wrong, they will ALWAYS taste delicious, but they will not always look fab.  Here are two tips to make sure your burger bombs will look fab:

  1.  Use really squishy looking onions.  Not soft and old, but the ones that are more of an oval than a circle.  You need onions that the ring has a slant to it, so the middle of a perfectly round onion won’t work because your burger, cheese and all it’s deliciousness will slide right on through.
  2. You’ve gotta seal in that cheese.  Otherwise, the cheese will get hot and seep out into the oil and you will be sad.

Other than that, these burgers are easy and really versatile.  Next time I make them I’m going to stuff them with some jalapenos and cream cheese, or even some bacon and jalapenos.  Don’t even try to stuff them with some veggies or something with any sort of health benefit because you’re literally FRYING THEM IN OIL and it’s stupid to try and bring any sort of vitamins or other nutrition into the mix.  You’re the one that orders a diet coke with your big mac, aren’t ya? Also, some people may want to serve them with a nice, light salad, however our most recent bet winner requested tater tots.  Because of course he did.

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