Onion Ring burger bombs

Onion Ring Burger Bombs

  • Author: Shawny


Look, these are not healthy.  They’re damn delicious though and perfect for that dinner when you’re like, “I deserve this in my life.”

Depending on how big your onions are, 1 lb of meat will probably make 7 or 8 burgers, feeding 4.



  • 1 lb Burger – Use meat that’s at least 80 percent lean, otherwise the fat will disintegrate when fried and with it, your delicious filling
  • 23 cups panko – for the patty and dredging
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups flour
  • Seasoning – Use what you like with burgers, I like a northwest one, Spade L Ranch “Beef Marinade and Seasoning” although anything, even just salt and pepper is cool
  • 2 large oval sweet onions
  • 4 slices (or chunks) of cheese – Whatever you like
  • 6 cups frying oil – I like grapeseed, however canola or vegetable will work


Prepare onions – slice the ends of the onions to about 1/2 an inch so they make rings.  For me, I generally am able to slice one row off the ends of the onion, reserving the center for my next recipe since it will be completely round and not slanted, so the burger will fall through it.  This is why I use 2 onions, so I can pick the best from each.

Make burger mix- Add burger, seasoning and 3/4 cup panko into a bowl and mix.

Prepare dredging stations – Put flour in 1 bowl, eggs in another and the remaining panko in the last.  Add a bit more seasoning or salt and pepper to each bowl.  If your seasoning is super salty, make sure to not over salt!

Fry – Warm oil to frying temperature, generally over medium heat, in a high sided, heavy pan.  While this is heating, began making bombs.  1.  Take 1 onion ring and form some burger meat into the bottom, making sure to push the meat up the sides of the ring.  2.  Add some cheese or other filling.  Don’t add too much!  3.  Form more burger over the top of the cheese, making sure there is no cheese leaking though. 4. Dip in flour, then egg, then panko and fry!

When the panko is a nice brown, it’s done and the burger will be too!  You’ll likely have to turn it a time or two but don’t go overboard or you’ll risk breaking off some breading or puncturing the filling.   Enjoy!